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Casa Cabrer Alfa

Casa Cabrer is located on the same street in Inca where, in 1936, Francesc Cabrer opened the doors of this shop dedicated from the beginning to the sale and repair of sewing machines. In fact, in Inca the store is known as Can Cabrer de ses màquines de cosir. Incidentally, for some years they also gave sewing classes in the establishment.

The business is run by Víctor Segarra, fourth generation of the family, who follows the guidelines and learning of his predecessors, and has been working enthusiastically to satisfy both old and new customers for 85 years.

Currently, in addition to sewing machines, it also sells childcare products: everything related to babies, with leading brands and exclusive technical service of the Jané group, a pioneer brand in the sector.

C. den Jaume Armengol, 25 · Inca · Mallorca. +34 971 500 302
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