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Esparteria Ca’n Toni Blancos

The history of Ca'n Blancos dates back to 1940, when Maria Martínez and Andreu Ramis opened the shop that took the nickname by which its founder was known in Inca. Today, the shop is run by their son, Toni Ramis, and his wife, Maria Lluïsa, although they already work together with what will be the third generation of the business, their three daughters.

When Toni joined the business at the age of fifteen, he decided to start selling the shop's products wholesale. Little by little, he expanded until in 1989 he opened Esparteria Ca'n Toni Blancos in the current premises, together with his wife.

The espadrille shop is now a wholesale and retail business. They sell all kinds of footwear for the whole family, from espadrilles, sandals, shoes for delicate feet, bambas, boots, to hotel and catering footwear. They also offer all kinds of esparto and plaited products, baskets, chairs, as well as wooden ladders, table stretchers, wicker products, etc.

They offer a chair lacing service, and carry out other projects such as custom-made articles for the hotel and catering industry and individuals. They collaborate with artisans to make esparto products.

The premises they have are very peculiar because they have three counters. In addition, the building has three floors to exhibit their products. During Dijous Bo, they decorate the whole façade; they decorate the floors with the products they sell: from the baskets on the stairs, the hats, the high chairs, to the rocking chairs.

C. Rentadors, 9 · Inca · Mallorca. +34 971 881 314
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