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Forn Sant Francesc

With over 110 years in business, this bakery takes the name of the street where it is located, calle Sant Francesc de Inca. It is currently run by Joan Seguí, the fifth generation of the family, together with his wife, Maria. Joan inherited the business from his great-grandfather.

It is a traditional bakery and cake shop that has one of the few remaining wood-fired Moorish-style ovens in the village. Their specialities are ensaimadas, which is proven by the award they won in the Best Ensaimada of the World competition in 2017, and also puff pastry (doblegats) and custom cakes. The brown bread they make is also considered one of the best in Mallorca.

In 2019, they published the book Forn Sant Francesc. Traditional baking and pastries, which contains recipes for breads, puff pastry, sweet and savoury cocas, empanadas (panades), ensaimadas, and other very popular products.

C. de Sant Francesc, 126 · Inca · Mallorca. +34 971 504 993
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