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The Inca market: a day full of colours and good atmosphere

Inca market

Fruit and vegetable market and all kinds of second-hand materials and objects

Inca's weekly market takes place on Thursdays with stalls set up all the way from the Railway Station to Plaza de Oriente, passing through Plaza de la Quartera, Gran Vía de Colón, calle Jaume Armengol and calle General Luque, Plaza de Santa Maria la Major and calle de la Sirena.

The market for animals, trees and others is held in Plaza del Bestiar. On Sundays, in this square as well, there is a fruit and vegetable market and all kinds of second-hand materials and objects.

As for the Fairs, there are three; those that start the Sunday following the feast of Saint Lucas, 18th October, and on the two subsequent Sundays. There are exhibitions, recitals, athletic races, craft shows, competitions, dances, and a range of entertainment.

Covered municipal market

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It’s a construction of avant-garde design that was built over the old market of the 60s and that was inaugurated in 2010. The market has 12 stalls that include two butchers, a bakery, a spice shop, a bar, a shop of nuts, one of prepared food and four of fruits and vegetables.
It also has two-story underground car parks to facilitate parking for residents and visitors. The Covered Market is a dynamic element and a reference in the social and commercial sphere for the city.

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