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Museu del Calçat i de la Indústria: the Museum of the year

Building a shoe museum is a complex task in which it is necessary to think beyond the context and make it accessible to the majority of outsiders to the shoe world. But Inca has known how to do it. Not only did the Museu del Calçat i de la Indústria open in 2018 in the former General Luque Cavalry barracks, but it has also ensured that the space receives the Siletto Museum of the Year 2022 award. And this not only implies recognition of a job well done , but a recognition in a space of the people: inclusive, encouraging, educational, positive.

The history of Inca is indisputably linked to that of footwear. Big names, designers, manufacturers and producers, put the capital of Raiguer on the list of cities in the world to look at if you wanted to find out about trends, shapes and styles of footwear. That is why this museum is so important, because it recovers the history and present of a city focused on the conception, design and manufacture of shoes, and involves all citizens, both in its conception and in its content. In fact, all the objects and pieces that make it up have been given by individuals and companies linked to the world of footwear, and that were part of the lives, memories and stories of each of their owners.

A permanent collection of tools, machinery, processes and results, which depict the work of families from the 13th century to the present day, which guides the visitor through a path that was and is one of the most important squares in the world. But not only does it remain in a fixed exhibition, but it also walks towards the visitor's experimentation, with rooms where hands, eyes and ears can touch, look at and listen to objects, textures and sounds, in each of the activities that take place. scheduled in the museum's agenda. In addition, there is also a space for collaboration, where anyone can contribute their objects, photographs, drawings, experiences or memories, to fill in the gaps that the museum may lack.

On its agenda, like other large museums, temporary exhibitions related to its theme cannot be missing. Photographs, designs, montages or performances surprise the visitor beyond the conception of a consumer product and clothing item. Each object has a story behind it and the museum exhibits it with creativity and a conception of the space that it wants to integrate.

The Museum has its doors and knowledge open, are you coming?