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Sa Pota del Rei

A stone reminiscent of the mark of a horse's leg after slipping which serves to illustrate a legend about King James I, in the battle between Moors and Christians. Behind the convent of the nuns of Inca, in Serral dels Molins (The Hill of Mills), there is a rock on the ground with a groove in it, almost like a mark. It is said to be King James I's, when his horse slipped while chasing after them. One day, while on Puig Major, he spotted them near Inca. He immediately spurred on his horse and the horse jumped and landed right on top of that rock.

The horse slipped, and his shoe was so hard, that it left that mark which can still be seen today. He immediately caught up with the Moors and the biggest pieces he left of them were their ears. Whenever the King got started, he really went at it. Nobody dared to laugh at him.