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The Museum of Footwear and Industry

The Museum of Footwear and Industry (reopened in 2018) is the Balearic Islands' first industrial museum. It tells the story of shoe manufacturing and ancillary industries in Majorca from the 13th century right up to the present day.

The Museum is located in one of the pavilions of the old Cavalry Barracks, of the former General Luque Infantry, which was renovated to house the Museum of Footwear and Industry. The building is divided into two floors: first floor has the reception, the ''pieza del mes'' and the temporary exhibition, which changes periodically; and the upper floor houses the permanent exhibition, which exhibits everything from handcrafted footwear manufacturing to industrial manufacturing, with a space also devoted to auxiliary footwear industries, people and associations, shoe brands and collections, fashion and advertising, works of art and oddities related to the world of footwear, aimed at the youngest visitors (the ''Sabateca'').

The Museum of Footwear and Industry seeks to house, document, research and disseminate the tangible and intangible heritage and culture of the city of Inca and the rest of Majorca, as well as highlight the production of footwear as one of the main symbols of its identity.

Architectural note about the building: This building was designed by Francesc Roca Simón, with modifications made by the captain of engineers, Joaquim Coll Fuster. It was inaugurated in 1915. The building is comprised of a main building and several pavilions, which enclose a cobblestone central square. The façades have a symmetrical layout. The central part stands out from the rest of the building and, through a pointed arch, provides access to the central square.