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Can Blancos

Can Blancos dates back to 1919, when Antoni Martínez Figuerola, a lathe operator by profession, used to sell his own products in the regional markets, as well as those made by other artisans on the island, such as espadrilles, palm baskets, hats and ropes, among others.

It was in 1949 when his daughter Maria, together with Andreu Ramis de Can Blancos, decided to open a store in Plaza de Orient, in the same place where it is today. They sold footwear and esparto articles, which her father had started to do some time before. Afterwards, his sons, Joan and Antoni Ramis, continued with the business and with the sale of these articles, including wholesale.

The brothers separated in 1989, and Joan and his wife, Francisca Banús, remained in the store in the Plaza de Orient. Over the years, and due to market demand, they were able to open two more stores, one at calle Jaume Armengol, 54, and the other at calle General Luque, 18. When they retired, the business passed on to their children, Begoña and Andreu Ramis, the third generation of the family.

Currently, Begoña is in charge of the stores on Jaume Armengol and General Luque streets, and Andreu runs the store in Plaza de Orient, where they sell quality footwear of leading brands, some clothing and accessories. In 2005, the building underwent a necessary renovation, so the store is completely new.

Plaça Orient, 1 · Inca · Mallorca. +34 971 501 638.
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