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Casa Capellana

The origins of Casa Capellana go back to Sóller, where the business started. Joana Maria Pomar, grandmother of the current owners, moved to Inca when she married a shoemaker around 1920, moving the butcher's shop and deciding to name it after the nickname by which her husband was known in Inca. In those days, she also used to go to the market to sell some days. It was in 1937 when she opened the butcher's shop but still went to the market to sell her produce. Raimundo Forteza, one of the current owners, believes that there were already two generations of the business in Sóller, according to what he has discovered from family members.

Afterwards, the business passed from the founder to her son and his wife, and then they left it to their two sons, Raimundo and Jaume, third generation and current owners who maintain the business in the same original location. Nowadays, in addition to selling meat, their speciality is also the elaboration of typical slaughter products in a traditional and artisan way.

Jaume and Raimundo run the butcher's shop with pride and passion for the personalised service they offer to their customers, and although they are not sure what the future of the business will be, they continue with the same enthusiasm as they had on the first day.

Av. General Luque, 222 · Inca · Mallorca. + 34 971 50 14 41
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