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Church and Cloister of Saint Dominic

This church is a baroque style construction (1664-1689) later converted into a parish in 1962. Its Dominican convent stands out. One of the most representative features is the single nave floor divided into five sections and side chapels. Half barrel vaulted roof. Stone lined facade with a rosette in the centre. Its façade has two fluted pilasters with Ionic capitals upon which the entablature rests with a niche that contains the image of the Virgin giving the rosary to Saint Dominic.

The cloister is quadrangular in shape with seven lowered arches on each side, supported by stone columns with Ionic capitals. The most important works that it conserves are the altarpieces of El Roser (rosary) by Gaspar Horns (16th century) and baroque Roser (rosary), Saint Vincent Ferrer and the Souls (17th century) altarpieces.