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Forn Can Lluís

The origin of Forn Can Lluís is uncertain, although Biel Martorell, the current owner and third generation of the family, estimates that it was around 1920 when it opened its doors.

The name of the bakery has changed over time. It is believed that at the beginning it was called Forn Can Ramon, or Callarís, which was the nickname by which Biel's grandfather was known in Inca. When his father took over the bakery, he named it after him, and so it became known as Forn Can Lluís. Nowadays, Biel and his wife run the business, after buying the shares from his two brothers.

Some of the most outstanding products of the bakery are the coca de flan, also called coca de crema, and the cocs, an invention of Biel's father, very popular in Inca. They are a type of long sweetish brioche, which can be eaten with savoury or sweet fillings. It could be that the word coc is the masculine of coca.

In addition, they also make all kinds of Majorcan products, such as bars, empanadas (panades) of different types, cocarrois, savoury pastries, such as cocas with peppers, as well as sweet cocas, de tallades or ensaimadas.

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