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Forn Can Tomeu

Forn Can Tomeu, with more than ninety years of history and three generations behind it, is one of the few bakeries that currently works with a Moorish oven on the island.

The history of the business begins when the grandfather of the current owner, who previously worked in Can Guixe, decided to open his own bakery in 1930. His son, Tomeu, helped him by delivering bread around the village on a bicycle and, once the business had started, they replaced it with a second-hand car. The name comes from Tomeu, since when he inherited the bakery it did not have an official name.

Toni took over the family business when his father, Tomeu Cifre, retired, although they had been working together for years.

When Toni took over the bakery, he decided to expand the premises and the offer. He bought the adjoining house and set up a cafeteria. Despite the renovation, he kept the same Moorish oven that has been in operation for more than ninety years. Nowadays, he still uses this distinctive element to bake all his dishes.

Although they do not have a specific speciality, their bread is what customers like the most. They also make handmade oil biscuits and some cakes.

C. del poeta Costa i Llobera, 74 · Inca · Mallorca. +34 971 502 581