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Monasterio de Sant Bartomeu

The monastery of Saint Bartholomew is a Baroque style construction (1667-1702). It is worth noting that the cloistered Jerónimas nuns have lived there since 1534. The remains of Sister Clara Andreu y Malferit, a prominent nun in the community, are laid to rest. Its most characteristic features are the facade with a semicircular arch to enter the courtyard, a courtyard with an old hackberry and a cistern, the church has a single nave with four sections with very small side chapels with a half-barrel vault roof.

The monastery preserves works such as the Holy Christ of the Blood (15th century), the baroque altarpieces of The Virgin of Candelaria and the Holy Family (17th century), two Gothic paintings by Pere Terrencs (15th century) and valuable paintings by the Llopis, father and son (16th century).