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Inca Route Video: Hiking from the Heart of Mallorca

Being located in the heart of Mallorca and being the gateway to the Serra de Tramuntana means being the beginning of a considerable number of hiking, trekking and running routes for all tastes, intensities and experiences. Our location allows for everything from simple walks of little difficulty that can be done in a few hours, to more complex routes that last the entire day and in which the mountain becomes a perfect companion.

But not only does the hiker feed on nature, but the stomach also becomes an important part of the route. And in terms of gastronomic offerings, both those that cover small bites to start the journey and those that allow you to regain strength once you have finished, Inca offers a large number of healthy possibilities. On the other hand, commerce is also adapted to this type of athlete, since the capital of Raiguer allows you to purchase all types of equipment in specialized establishments.

Thus, Inca is, due to location and services, a perfect meeting and arrival point to start, continue and specialize in any type of route.

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • By foot: 3h h.
  • By bike: 3h h.