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Video Inca Route, all a heritage to discover with David Ordinas

Being a city in the center of an island like Majorca makes it, irremediably and over time, a benchmark in many aspects of history, industry, culture and heritage. And Inca has not only been, but also continues to be. Beginning with the Museu del Calçat to the Teatre Principal, passing through its buildings, it shows that its qualification as the capital of the Raiguer is more than deserved.

The Museu del Calçat i de la Indústria d'Inca, awarded in 2022 with the award for Best European Museum of the Year - Silleto Prize, is one of the important stops in the city. A place where homage is paid to what, for many years, was one of the most significant industries in Mallorca. From the permanent collection of samples and machinery, to the curiosities and the people who have made the capital of Raiguer a reference at a European and world level. This industry was closely related to leather and leather fashion factories, of which various samples of buildings recovered for public and private use have been preserved.

But it is also a city with a very remarkable architectural heritage. The Claustre de Sant Domingo, attached to the church of the same name, is one of the most active cultural spaces in the city, where there is a library and an exhibition hall, and concerts and shows of all kinds are held. But, without a doubt, the Teatre Principal is the space with the busiest agenda in the entire town and, also, in the entire region: concerts, theater, cinema... A long list of activities that allows you to enjoy every month of the year your proposals.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • By foot: 3 h.
  • By bike: 2 h.