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A city full of colours and life


In Inca, we have a different way of experiencing festivities and fairs. Some occasions where people from all over the island meet in our city to celebrate some very special days that you cannot miss for anything in the world.

Dijous Bo

Important market with a big turnout from all over Majorca. There are large exhibitions of all kinds, literary and livestock competitions, musical recitals and sports celebrations. It takes place on the fourth Thursday following the feast of Saint Lucas… Usually the third Thursday in November.

Saint Anthony, 17the January

On the Saint's feast day, a large service, the traditional blessing of animals and the parade are held. On the day before, there are bonfires along Inca's streets so that all citizens can participate in the “torradas”.

Saint Sebastian, 20th January

This day commemorates the Bubonic Plague of 1652 and how the people of calle San Sebastián did not leave the town throughout the pandemic. There is a big bonfire, a rosary singing, glosses, a sermon “About the pandemic or the plague”, '“ximbombades” and sweet wine with “paciències”, which is a Majorcan pastry.

Easter, Pancaridad

The main service is celebrated in the chapel of the hermitage of Saint Magdalene with a traditional pilgrimage, races, athletic marches, paella competition, etc. It takes place on the Sunday after Easter.

Abdon and Senén, Patron Saints of Inca, 30th July

Days before the Abdón and Senén festivities, the City Council holds different events: dances (balls de bot), bulls, recitals, festivals, high mass, always officiated by a priest son of Inca, visit to the Miquel Mir residence, etc...

Market and Fairs, october and November

Inca's weekly market takes place on Thursdays with stalls set up all the way from the Railway Station to Plaza de Oriente, passing through Plaza de la Quartera, Gran Vía de Colón, calle Jaume Armengol and calle General Luque, Plaza de Santa Maria la Major and calle de la Sirena.The market for animals, trees and others is held in Plaza del Bestiar. On Sundays, in this square as well, there is a fruit and vegetable market and all kinds of second-hand materials and objects.As for the Fairs, there are three; those that start the Sunday following the feast of Saint Lucas, 18th October, and on the two subsequent Sundays. There are exhibitions, recitals, athletic races, craft shows, competitions, dances, and a range of entertainment.

Saint Mary Major, november

Co-patron of the city. The day before the dance of the demons, the ''verbena'' and large bonfires are held all across Inca. It is traditionally commemorated on the weekend before Dijous Bo.

Incajazz 2022

JULY 2022  DAY 3 – OVELLA NEGRA  DAY 10 – MAGALÍ SARÉ  DAY 17 – ENRIC PASTOR & CO.  DAY 24 – POE  9:00 p.m. CLOISTER OF SAN DOMINGO  Solidarity ticket for the benefit of Fundación se Garrover