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Teatre Principal d’Inca

The Teatre Principal d'Inca is the reference theater of the Raiguer de Mallorca. With an intention beyond the municipal theater, its programming offers from local theater to works of recognized success and prestige at a national level. Music and dance complete, together with a weekly program of film premieres, the annual agenda of this building, inaugurated in 1914 with a clear desire to compete with the main ones on the island.

In fact, the chronicle of its inauguration tells it like this:
“But this theater will not be a theater of any kind, there, in town or in a recreational society hall, but rather a theater in large that will be able to compete with the thousands of Palma, and finally, all of them know that the Principal's lead will be the most bell i garrit de Mallorca.”

Governed by the Patronato Teatre Principal, it has two halls with a stage and a cinema screen with capacity for more than 600 people and 80 respectively, and a multipurpose space, it becomes the place from which the bulk of the cultural life of the capital beats. of the Raiguer.

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